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If you are still holding on to your Windows phone, I suggest that you start making a shift because it is clearly on its deathbed as we speak.

This is being made clearer by Facebook, whose reports have started streaming in about its plans to pull out from the Microsoft Store and the Windows Phone device entirely by getting rid of all its major apps including Instagram, Messenger and the Facebook app itself.

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As of April 30th all these apps will be gotten rid of and Windows phone users will have to resort accessing the services from the browsers. This had been noticed earlier on last weekend when Instagram users apparently reported receiving notifications on their Windows Phones informing them that Instagram would not be available from April 30th. With the three apps known to be the major ones that will be yanked out, it is not yet completely clear how many users will directly receive this blow.

Ever since 2016, Microsoft reported that they would be cutting off their support from Windows phone business entirely due to its devastating sales. So, it’s really not much of a surprise to see apps starting to think twice about their purpose in smartphones with this OS. Late last year, we saw the system halt in software updates following a number of third-party applications saving their attention somewhere else other than the Windows phones.

Some users that still cling on to this dying device claim to do so for relevant reasons like their sheer lack of trust on Apple and Google’s systems in terms of security and data privacy with others claim their preference to a device with fewer applications than what we have now. Others even dare to prefer the camera system on the Windows phone.

Applications have become so scarce for these devices that many of its users have forums to enquire whether there are certain apps for certain needs. With these being one of the most loyal fans I have ever heard of, many would still admit that still having these phones is a pain in the neck as you never get to fulfil or complete so many tasks or meet needs you may have.

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