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Twitter Users Pranked Into Locking Themselves Out of Their Accounts


We all know that people love interesting Easter eggs that distract away from the normal routine on a platforms’ user interface. But someone seems to have been a little cheekier. For the last two days, a prank has been making rounds on Twitter and even become viral suggesting to people to change their birthdays on their profiles’ information.

The users spreading this do claim that it comes with a benefit of unlocking a more colourful version of your feed. Others have even gone further to claim that it changes a secret admin code. Now I may not know exactly what that means but it is all just in an effort to convince others more to fall for it.

The prank that has gained its roots from a tweet posted on Monday has apparently gotten to a huge number of people with almost 15,000 retweets and 20,000 likes. The change does not give you any colourful feed, in case you were wondering.

It does seem reasonable why anyone would fall for this as people kind of get bored with the same old blue and white colours. By changing your birthday to 2007, you basically say that you are under the age of 13 and therefore not viable to have a Twitter account.

If a user is under the minimum age requirement, Twitter locks your account. You then can no longer access the account until you “get to be 13”.

It’s not clear how many users have really fallen for this but it has turned out to be a real bummer for many as it might be funny for others. Twitter, however, posted a warning on that they have noticed the prank going around and told people to not fall this. Feedback has revealed of how it has made many quite upset with some even pleading for a reversal. Now, this may also turn out to be a wakeup call to developers at Twitter to consider bringing in some interface changes even if it may be temporary. Maybe I’m just the one thinking about this. But then, will users really buy it or just think it’s another prank?

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