Samsung Galaxy A90 To Feature a Rotating, Pop-Up Camera

Samsung Galaxy A90
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Samsung has been on a roll to improve on their midrange and budget offerings. The company has mastered flagships but has been losing significant market share because smartphone makers from China are eating the cake from below (budget level).

To counter this, Samsung introduced the M-series, a budget-friendly series that was meant to tip the scale to Samsung’s favour in some emerging markets – especially India. This was followed with the introduction of the new A-series (devices that we’ll be seeing in Kenya shortly).

As part of the A-Series, Samsung is rumoured to be readying the release of the A90 – the top of the range in that class. The devices existence has already been confirmed by Samsung through their marketing material and a Samsung East Africa official also confirmed that the device will be making its way to the Kenyan market.

Pop-Up Camera

Samsung Galaxy A90 pop-up camera

Vivo Nex Pop-Up Camera

Highlights of the Galaxy A90 is its full-screen notchless infinity display. This may sound like the usual display that we have seen from Samsung that features an 18:9 aspect ratio without a notch (like the S9) but there’s something different with the A90.

Like its Chinese rivals, Samsung has decided to go all in an stretch the display to the top of the device, completely leaving no space for a camera and to avoid the notch, the company will be implementing a pop-up camera mechanism.

We have seen Vivo and OPPO implement these quite well and rumour has it that Samsung’s implementation will look more like the Vivo Nex. In addition to the pop-up mechanism, users will be able to rotate the camera and thus use it as the main camera on the back as well.

As much as this part is pure speculation, a rotating camera would mean that the Samsung Galaxy A90 has no rear camera and will, therefore, rely on this one module to cover both the selfie and main camera duties which could by extension mean that the pop-up camera could actually be of great quality.

Other specifications of the device include a possible Snapdragon 700-series chip, about 6GB of RAM, 3700mAh battery with fast charging and Android 9.0 Pie. The device will be slightly cheaper than the flagship Galaxy S10e, which retails for Kes,79,000, therefore we should expect a price lower than this, maybe in the sixty-thousand mark.

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