Samsung Galaxy S10e, the S10 or the S10+ – Which Should You Buy?


Samsung’s latest flagship devices have just hit store shelves in Kenya and seeing that there’s a variety of them to choose from, you might not be exactly sure on where to place your money but we’re here to help. Samsung launched three phones; S10e, S10 and S10+, all of which have unique features that make them stand out on their own.

While you may have heard from reviewers from the west outright pushing for the purchase of the S10e, which has been seen as the one that offers more value for money, the choice goes beyond pricing as we dive deeper and look at what features one would be losing out on if they choose to go with one phone over the others. The three phones are meant to serve different audiences and we are here to make that choice slightly easier for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S10+


Samsung Galaxy S10+ Punch Hole Display

This one is the creme de la creme, if your wallet allows, there’s no debating on this one, go for it. You get all the high-end features that Samsung has packed into their latest flagship, including a larger display at 6.4″ with 2k resolution that bleeds to the edges, triple cameras on the back – 2x zoom, wide-angle and standard lens and two cameras at the front for better portrait shots.

The new stuff is we have a new in-display fingerprint scanner, which is such a cool feature, there is 8GB RAM and 128GB storage as standard, a beefy 4100mAh battery, all the extras including water resistance, wireless charging, powershare to charge up compatible devices wirelessly using your phone, literally, if you are getting the S10+, you should not be worried about the specs. The only challenge will be the cost because, at Kes.106,000, this is a premium device to get that may be out of reach for many.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Punchhole

Samsung Galaxy S10 Punch Hole Display

The middle child that will probably get lost in the quest to pick the better phone. The S10 is great as it shares a lot with the plus variant, especially in the premium features that make these phones attractive, the only difference being that you get a smaller screen at 6.1″ but the resolution is maintained, the battery is also smaller at 3400mAh due to the phone’s smaller footprint and we get a single camera at the front, which is still capable of taking portrait shots but apparently, they will not look as good as the ones on the plus.

Everything else remains the same, feature-wise, making it a very good buy at Kes.96,000 but then again, you might as well just top up the extra cash and get the monster S10+.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The S10e is a device meant for those who desire the S10 features but cannot quite afford it or would rather save the money instead and for this reason, Samsung actually brought forth the premium flagship features to this phone including the new display, the fragile premium design, and everything you would need on a flagship phone.

What’s different from the S10 is that we get a smaller footprint which reduces the display size to 5.8″ and the battery reduced to 3100mAh. The resolution has also been reduced to 1080p from 2k but this is very much welcome as the other phones on this lineup come with their resolution setting set to Full HD as well. The RAM has also been reduced to 6GB but storage remains 128GB, the other difference is with the cameras at the back, where we see the S10e shed one lens and only pack two cameras, the standard lens and the wide-angle lens, which again, I see no problem with. We do get a physical capacitive fingerprint scanner on the side, where the power button is and as much as this one does not have a “cool factor”, it has been reported to be more reliable and consistent.

With all honesty, at my only pain-point is that we lose the curved display as we get a more traditional flat screen but come to think of it, this means it will be harder to break, at least I hope. At Kes.79,000, the S10e will be an easy sell for anyone looking for premium features without hurting your wallet too much.

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