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“Cool Parents” Are Throwing Cheese On Babies’ Faces, Just For Laughs


Uhm, the internet is a weird place that never ceases to amaze and the latest shock factor is a series of videos shared on Twitter and Facebook showing parents throwing cheese at their babies and recording their reaction.

While the reason for this trend is yet to be established, the whole thing started after Twitter user, @unclehxlmes posted a video showing an adult hand throwing cheese at a baby. What he did not expect, is that the video would go viral as it quickly garnered over 10.3 million views before he pulled it down admitting that he was not the original creator of the video and further giving details that he got the video off Facebook and his reason for deleting it was because “it got out of hand”.

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Regardless of this deletion, the damage had already been done as a number of videos mimicking the original one started surfacing online – people were literally throwing cheese at their babies. While the whole trend leaves a lot to be answered about the parents and guardians of these babies, the reaction elicited from the babies ranges from shock to laughter to cries and some kids just eating the cheese and moving on with their lives:

Then things escalated and even pets were involved:


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