You Can Now Apply to Beta Test Twitter’s New Threaded Replies

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As early as last year, Twitter made it known that it was rethinking how people interact with each other on the platform. One of the company’s ideas was to have threaded replies that would appear similar to how conversations appear on a text message with colour coding and all.

The new feature has been under testing since then, with a small number of users being able to try it out and provide feedback to the platform. The redesign will see replies to a tweet get indented and the replies from users you follow will be in blue and the original tweeter’s replies will be in grey.

Twitter Threaded Conversations

In addition to the threaded replies, Twitter is also taking a step to hide engagement numbers on these replies. As seen on the screenshots above, the number of likes and retweets a reply has received will remain hidden until a user explicitly opens the reply to see more details about it.

Twitter is currently running an open beta, where those who want to test out the feature before it is released to the general public can do so by submitting a simple application. Note that at the moment, only iOS users can be enrolled in the beta program and you will need to provide information like your username, device you use, language and region you are in.

If you are interested, you can apply through this link.

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