Samsung is Not Even Trying to Hide the Unreleased Galaxy S10 Anymore

Samsung Galaxy S10

Remember when smartphone manufacturers would actually strive to keep their upcoming devices a secret? I miss those days. Nowadays, these companies are giving known leak-star Evan Blass a run for his money because they are literally leaking their own devices intentionally.

So far, Samsung has been notorious for this. From the days of the S8, then the Note9 and now to the S10, at this point, I doubt there’s nothing we don’t know about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone.

Anyway, in a series of oopsie events, Samsung aired a TV commercial of their unreleased device in Norway. The 30-seconds AD was aired by TV2, Norway’s largest commercial broadcaster. The ad was run in Norwegian but we can clearly see the highlights of the device from the video which includes a punch-hole display, under the display fingerprint reader, triple-lens camera setup and reverse wireless charging. The advert also showcased the company’s answer to AirPods, the Galaxy Buds which can be charged by the S10 wirelessly.


With only a few hours left to the announcement of the S10 lineup, we are left wondering exactly what Samsung is hoping to surprise us with at their Unpacked event. Will we see three devices or five? We know there’s a cheaper model of the S10 being launched and a foldable phone that will apparently be known as the Galaxy Fold – we just hope it’s not that mess that we’ve been seeing around the internet.

Then again, there’s still quite a lot we don’t know about the phones being announced today, whether we care enough about them to be excited is entirely up to you, as for me, I cannot wait for tonight to see how ugly that hole in the display actually looks like in person.

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