Apple Accused of Killing Old iPhone Chargers Through Software Updates

iPhone charging

Mid 2018, Apple was on the spot for deliberately slowing down older iPhones through software updates, apparently to improve the device’s ageing battery life. This was the explanation that the company gave but their customers were not having any of it, as they believed that Apple was only slowing down older iPhones to make them unbearable so that customers would feel the need to upgrade to newer ones.

After lawsuits, followed fines, Apple formally apologized and offered $29 battery replacements to all their customers. Interestingly, the company is on the spot again, with an issue still involving batteries but this time around, their chargers.

As per a lawsuit against the fruity company in a California court, Apple apparently sent out software updates that broke compatibility with older iPhone chargers thus forcing users to buy new chargers. The lawsuit cites that thousands of iPhone users could not use their chargers after an iOS update as their phones would display the error, “this accessory may not be supported” after they were connected to their chargers.

Don’t get excited yet and throw rotten tomatoes at Apple as there’s a twist to this story. The lawsuit claims that this happened back in November 2016, which then takes all the credibility from the lawsuit as the achieves do not show any such complaints coming from iPhone users at that time.

As PhoneArena’s Michael Heller puts it, it is highly unlikely that Apple pushed out such as an update that only affected a few thousands of people, yet there were over 725 million iPhone in use two years ago. Michael says that what likely happened was that “those thousands of users coincidentally saw that error message around the same time and incorrectly attributed it to an iOS update rather than other causes, such as damaged or dirty chargers or charging ports.”

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