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Leaked Android Q Code Shows Ability to Rollback App Updates

Android Q

Among the interesting things to expect from the next version of Android is an update rollback feature that will let users uninstall an app update at will if code from a leaked version of the upcoming Android version is anything to go by.

The string of code discovered by popular Android website, XDA Developers points to the native support for downgrading applications. The website points out that they have discovered two new permissions that support this theory, however, there’s no guarantee that it will be enabled for all users.

Two new permissions were discovered, “PACKAGE_ROLLBACK_AGENT” and “MANAGE_ROLLBACKS” which allow the Play Store to rollback an app to a previous version. Additionally, there are also two new broadcast events, “PACKAGE_ENABLE_ROLLBACK” and “PACKAGE_ROLLBACK EXECUTED,” which could be used by apps to know if they have been downgraded to an older version.

Another particular feature of interest that was discovered is the blocking of background apps from accessing the clipboard. This would be a much-needed security feature as currently, any app installed on your phone can access the items copied on your keyboard without your explicit permission.

This leak also contains code suggesting that Google will allow background apps to access your location – which was disabled on Android Oreo and Pie. Physical Activity Recognition – a feature that allows apps to recognize your current physical activity using your phone’s sensor is also bein unbundled from Google Play Services and built right into the core of the Android software.

There’s also hints of support for 3D face scanning hardware – but nothing on punch hole displays, yet.

Android Q is expected to launch later on in the year, so yes, it is quite early to be making conclusions but it is already looking like the new update will be quite a hefty one.

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