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Facebook Wants to Enable Cross-Texting Between Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp

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According to a report by the New York Times, Facebook has a plan up its sleeves on integrating WhatsApp, Instagram chats and Messenger to allow these platforms to communicate with each other. The publication claims that the idea comes straight from the giant’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

The integration will not affect how the services currently operate as they will all remain standalone apps, however, the engineering teams of these platforms will all need to reconfigure how the apps function at their core level to allow them to communicate with each other, with plans to complete this integration either by end of the year or early 2020.

The silver lining is that now end-to-end encryption will be implemented on all three apps, at least according to Zuckerberg’s orders. The plan is that a user of one of the platforms, can seamlessly communicate with another on another platform seamlessly, for example, a user on Messenger can easily send a message to a WhatsApp user.

This move has not sat well with a number of employees at Instagram and WhatsApp, who have expressed their concerns that Facebook’s meddling would cost the other platforms their privacy badge that they highly rely on. Reports indicate that a number of WhatsApp employees have already packed up their bags and left while many more are planning to leave following the revelation of these plans.

There’s no clear reason how Facebook would benefit from such integration but as the New Yorker puts it, “For Facebook, the changes provide a better chance at making money from Instagram and WhatsApp.”

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