Twitter Working On “Original Tweeter” Tag To Identify Thread Starter


We’ve all seen threads get hijacked by crypto-selling bots or a more influential person than the original thread starter and it seems Twitter is aware of this issue as well. The company is said to be working on a new “Original Tweeter” tag that will appear beneath the handle of the thread owner.

The move is believed to be part of Twitter’s plans to clean out the platform from abuse. Marking the source of the thread with an identifiable tag would essentially solve the problem that we’ve seen with bots trying to hijack threads of celebrities, trying to woo followers into dubious competitions and giveaways – the biggest victim being Elon Musk.

Original tweeter screenshot

Image Courtesy TechCrunch

Speaking to TechCrunch, Twitter said that the new feature is currently being tested with a small number of users on the platform. “Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation. As part of this work, we’re exploring adding more context to discussions by highlighting relevant replies – like those from the original Tweeter,” said Twitter’s Director of Product Management, Sara Haider.

This new “original tweeter” tag follows Twitter’s upcoming colour-coded replies that are apparently meant to help users follow threads better but screenshots of those privileged to test out the feature makes Twitter look like a Christmas tree.

Twitter coloured threads

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