All licensed drivers in Kenya have until 2022 to ensure that they have obtained the new smart driving license. In case you are thinking of getting yours, here are a few things you need to know before proceeding.

  • You will need to create an account on NTSA’s TIMS portal. Or simply login to your account if you already have one.
  • After creating your account/login in, navigate to the Driving License tab on the top navigation bar.
  • Tap on the blue SMART DL APPOINTMENT button
  • A new tab will be opened and you will be required to input your ID number, phone number and KRA PIN.
  • Your next task will be to select your preferred appointment Center, then date then the time you wish to reserve. Unavailable slots will be marked in red, the blank white spaces are available slots that you can pick.
  • After the reservation is made, print the appointment slip
  • On the day of your appointment, go to the NTSA office you selected
  • Once there, you will be required to log in to your TIMS account for verification purposes with the help of an NTSA agent
  • After your details are verified, you will be required to pay Kes.3,050 through M-PESA for your three-year driving license
  • A passport photo will be taken alongside your biometric data and signature and blood group
  • Your application will be queued and your smart driving license will be ready for collection within three days
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  1. If i have renewed my licence for 3 years , will you add another three years?

  2. Will this three yrs renewed be added to my already renewed years?

    1. No. If you get the new DL, your old DL becomes invalid.

  3. I have did my exams last year August nd sijapata license

  4. Good afternoon mine is old so where do I begin the process

    1. First you must have KRA pin which is atleast three weeks old,then great Tims account.Then visit your nearest NTSA office

  5. If my driving license had 5yrs of experience how will smart one show the case

    1. Your DL COC NUMBER identifies the years of exprience.

    2. How will i be renewing it again???

  6. Apo pa blood group apana my blood my choose

    1. Thats incase of an accident and you need some immediate blood transfer also its not a matter of choosing ni lazima

  7. Why are we paying 3000 and the old 1 was 1400?

  8. Why 3000/-yet Av been renewing mine for da last 10years

  9. After

  10. Hello, I have applied for my smart driving license on 4/2/2019 and update ckupata any report, my question is how long does it take to get a driving license

  11. My old license expires2021….hw can i be compensated

  12. am well trained as a good person driver , is it must to pass through school to get dl or am also able to get dl as well without going class

    1. If you don’t have the DL and you have never gone to driving school it doesn’t matter if you know how to drive , you must go to school first

  13. If i am a plant opperatorwill i be classified to all classes aslike my old linces

  14. Nilienda should ya driving 2014 hali waleo sicha wai pata licence yangu naweza fanya nini ndio nibate

  15. The Price. Is ex cha ratted. I don’t see the reason one should pay 3050 and yet we always do it for 1400 instead at least they can add 300 for a smart card otherwise the should review this.

  16. I was in driving school 5months a go and no linsence

  17. What does it hv to do with a driving license (blood group)

    1. Will assist any one at the scene of an accident to know directly if u were bleeding and have taken u to the hospital ull get an immediate aid of blood donation from the blood bank.xo its for importance

  18. Am having trouble to register mine.. It says my KRA pin doesnt exist. How do i go about that?

  19. How comes am trying to book for an appointment and its not working?

  20. Apo kwa 3000 ni noma? Mbona?

  21. I hve old DL and i want to take this new DL
    How can,i get it plz

  22. I think u guys failed coz the I’d card is the one that should be put your blood group. Sometimes maybe it’s a matatu what will u do and not everyone has driving lincese u need to change to id card not driving license

  23. I have a interlim from November last year how shall I get 1

  24. What does ” choose your TDB TYPE” mean when I try to apply for the smart driving licence?

  25. So they managed to collect both ur DNA Biometric and blood group and link with the Huduma number and ID and KRA pin no. This is the smartest move.

  26. How secure are my details online?

  27. Aiy yawa takes us slow bwana, bado tunangoja sijui huduma namba mshatoa dl tena, let us see this amalgamation of information first then bring this thing up, instead of bomberding kenyans with this so called maendeleo.

  28. Im from voi Mbona ntsa wa voi wanatutuma Mombasa

  29. Aty three days iko tayar

  30. What happens to the card after the 3 years are over? repeat the process of acquiring a new one? Since the current one has an expiry date.

  31. Do we have to return the old licences to ntsa in the the event of applying for this new ones or we will keep them since it’s our property

  32. I have paid for aSmartcard Dl.since 12-06-2020,when i go to NTSA office. They say wait for a message, so until when,

  33. I have paid my smart driving license since. 12/04/2020 till now,I was told to wait for an sms ,I have not seen it I am supposed to report to work my old one got lost

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