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tHeRe’S aN aPp tO HeLp yOu tYpE iN mOcKiNg SpOnGeBoB cAsE


The internet is not short of surprises and the latest dime off the interweb is an actual paid app that, lEtS yOu tYpE liKe tHiS. The app, developed by one, Samir Mezrahi, is available to iOS users at a throwaway price of $0.99.

Just in case you don’t belong to the iPhone side or you are not willing to throw away money for a task you can simply do by continuously switching between upper case and lower case, there’s also a web app that lets you simply key in your text and the output, in spongecase (as it has come to be known) is generated for you.

wt lighthouse

mocking spongebob-ga

The Origin of Mocking SpongeBob

The mocking SpongeBob meme first rose to fame on May 5th 2017 when a Twitter user, @lexysaeyang, posted the now famous image of SpongeBob next to a picture of a bird with arms and adding a conversation element to the meme, creating the effect that SpongeBob’s face and the alternation of uppercase and lowercase text represents a mocking tone.

lexa mocking tone

The tweet was later modified by another user, @DaniLevyyy (account currently suspended), who removed the complementing image and just used SpongeBob’s image all the while maintaining the alternating uppercase and lowercase format of the text in the tweet:

dani mocking tone

Ever since these tweets, the mocking SpongeBob rose to fame to take over the internet and bring laughter to millions of people. tHeN YoU’Ll sEe pEoPlE ClAiM ThAt fAcEbOoK Is bEtTeR ThAn tWiTtEr.

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