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Canva Launches Enterprise Package – But It’s the ‘Rap’ That’s Stealing the Show

Canva Launches Enterprise Package

Canva has introduced Canva Enterprise, a subscription service designed for large organizations. This service addresses challenges such as security, brand management, and collaboration. It offers scalable growth options, IP and cost consolidation, advanced brand controls, and enterprise-level security features.

At the Canva Create event, Canva introduced several new workplace products, demonstrating a strategic approach to meeting market demands. This release aligns with findings from the Visual Economy Report, highlighting the increasing need for design skills among non-design employees and indicating a shift in business strategies related to visual communication.

The strategic expansion of Canva’s Magic Studio AI products aligns with current marketing trends that emphasize automation and efficiency. Features such as Magic Media, which enables text-to-graphic generation, and improved photo and video editing capabilities are especially relevant for marketing professionals looking to create content quickly.

Updates to Canva’s Visual Suite now include suggested editing, app integration with major platforms, data autofill, and bulk creation capabilities. These updates address marketing challenges related to content creation, collaboration, and workflow efficiency.

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