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AI Interviewer Alex Can Now Take Your Job Interviews

AI Interviewer Alex from Apriora

A new startup company, Apriora, aims to alleviate the recruiting burden with its artificial intelligence technology. The technology handles scheduling, conducts real-time job interviews with applicants, and provides immediate feedback. Apriora’s primary product is a two-way AI interviewer named “Alex” that performs real-time video interviews with job candidates.

Alex can conduct interviews at a much faster pace than a human. It doesn’t require coffee breaks, vacation days, or paid time off, which reduces a company’s recruiting costs. Additionally, interviews can be conducted regardless of weather conditions.

With Alex, the hiring process becomes more equitable. It reviews résumés and conducts interviews tirelessly, increasing the chances of job seekers getting interviewed. You can rest assured, there’s no room for ghosting, late arrivals, or biases, ensuring a fair and unbiased interview experience.

Alex doesn’t just conduct interviews, it tailors them to each job position. It asks relevant questions, follows up on answers in real-time, and adapts the interview process to the career sector, specific role, and company. This feature generates predictive hiring signals by analyzing multimodal interview data, providing you with valuable insights.

Additionally, interviews are automatically scheduled based on the candidate’s availability. Alex handles all the tedious calendar invites and email reminders, and interview feedback and insights are written immediately and sent directly to the company’s ATS.

Apriora is a Y Combinator-backed company based in San Francisco, which recently secured US$2.8 million in seed funding.

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