Best Platforms to Buy Cars Online in Kenya

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Growing up, cars were always deemed as a luxury possession and it’s probably the same today among many. But over the years, you get to realise how much of a necessity it actually is. This is especially for daily commuters that have to travel long distances to and from work or school. The hustle, stress and fatigue that comes with public transportation have proven to not be worth it to a lot of Kenyans over time.

Luckily, there are lots of dealers nowadays and a number of them are moving to online platforms to be able to reach as many clients as possible. So, in case you are searching for some reliable online car dealers, here are a few sites you can check out:


Being one of the top car websites in East Africa, you would expect the platform to operate in a number of countries within and out of the region. Cheki offers a number of options including selling and buying cars, importing as well as acquiring insurance and car loans.


Kenya Car Bazaar is an online portal that provides a huge list of services. This consists of car buying, selling, importation, clearing & forwarding, financing, insurance, car hire, car dealers, and K.R.A. automotive document processing. The site is also quite popular on social media, so it is easy to see how reliable it is.


The site is actually quite simple to use offering a huge list of cars that you can check out. Additionally, every vehicle that gets to be sold is indicated by a badge, so you might not enter into wrong deals. Cars45 also offers a space to sell cars or even find people that you can swap with.


Jiji currently boasts of over 133,000 car ads that you can get to check out. Moreover, you also get to sell but will be prompted by creating an account before you get to do so. The site is also quite large as it offers a huge variety of commodities other than cars.

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