Samsung Announces Galaxy AI Promising Real-Time Captions When On A Call

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Samsung has joined the “race to an AI-driven” world, and they are not messing around. In a new blog post, the company previewed what it calls “a new era of Galaxy AI” coming to its smartphones. They also gave us a glimpse of a forthcoming feature that will use artificial intelligence to translate phone calls in real time.

What is Galaxy AI?

In simple terms, Galaxy AI is a comprehensive mobile AI experience. It is powered by both on-device AI developed at Samsung and cloud-based AI enabled by open collaborations, Samsung wrote in the post. One of the features they mentioned was AI Live Translate Call.

AI Live Translate Call

This feature will soon give users a personal translator whenever they need it. Audio and text translations will appear in real-time as you speak. This should make calling someone who speaks another language “about as simple as turning on closed captions when you stream a show.”

Different from Google’s own Live Translate feature, it is integrated into the native call feature thus no need for third-party apps anymore. The company says Galaxy AI is coming “early next year,”. So it seems that Galaxy AI features will launch with Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup of smartphones.

“Mobile technology has an incredible power to enable connection and more for people around the world. However, until now, we haven’t seen mobile AI ignite that in truly meaningful ways,” said Wonjoon Choi, EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile eXperience Business. “Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligence offering to date. It will change how we think about our phones forever.”

This Is Not The First Or Last AI Implementation From Smartphone Makers

AI features seem like they’re becoming the next battleground for smartphone makers. Google, for example, has a suite of AI-powered tools to help you edit and improve photos. Apple is also reportedly spending a lot of money every day to train AI which we will also hopefully see soon.

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