Airtel Partners With Badili To Offer Refurbished Smartphones in Uganda


One of the biggest obstacles to staying connected for many Ugandans has been the lack of reasonably priced, high-quality smartphones. To address this issue, Airtel Uganda has partnered with Badili Africa to provide refurbished smartphones.

Airtel Uganda Partners With Badili

The alliance between them aims to increase the availability of high-quality smartphones in the Ugandan market. This cooperative endeavour demonstrates Badili’s dedication to offering cost-effective substitutes and encouraging sustainability by repurposing electronics.

Due to the countless opportunities that a smartphone presents, Amit Kapur, Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Uganda, states that the partnership’s goal is to increase smartphone penetration and place this potent technology in the hands of more people.

We are pushing smartphone adoption, but affordability is one of the obstacles to this effort. Thus, this alliance will result in more reasonably priced smartphones. The best smartphones are available to you at affordable prices, with starting prices as low as 250k UGX.

Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Uganda, Amit Kapur

Badili Africa’s CEO and founder, Rishabh Lawania says Badili is thrilled to work with Airtel Uganda. By encouraging the reuse of gadgets, they hope to increase accessibility to technology for all.

This collaboration will hopefully have a big influence on Uganda’s smartphone market. Watch our review of Badili’s refurbished smartphones here.

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