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Kenyans On X Fixed Co-op Bank With One Thread, Who’s Next?

Kenyans on Twitter Co-op bank

The power of social media has been proven to reach the corridors of many boardrooms, governments, and banking not the least of those. Kenyans on Twitter, one of the most ruthless and aggressive bunch, deploy this power more often than not. KOT just fixed an issue at Co-operative Bank, within a few tweets.

Up until today, deposits from MPESA to user accounts were charged Ksh35 exclusive of excise duty. The beginning of the month was therefore not a good time for Co-op Bank to do a meme on the Twitter timeline.

It seems many users were not fully aware of this fee per every M-PESA deposit. Most complained they had not been notified of the ledger fees, which had accumulated and deducted after a period of deposits.

Another user,  @mickey_anyangu noted:

You have deducted 7k from my account in the name of ledger fees 🤬🤬🤬 na Bado naona ati Niko na deni ya 1800 nijipate nimeeka pesa kwa hii kibanda yenyu🙄”.

Needless to repeat everything, it was a warzone in the comment section. In typical fashion, the Co-op Bank admin repeated the scripted answer in each comment.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

It was not until one user went for the jugular, pointing to how the bank will hurt from a boycott. The record-breaking and swiftest of decisions made to prevent this disaster. I suspect several “emergency” Zoom call links were shared within Co-op bank WhatsApp groups.

Last year, a similar incident happened with Equity Bank. In a rather fraudulent scam claim, Asnael Moturi detailed how an Equity bank agent in Kisii collaborated with fraudsters to clear KES 900,000 in his sick mother’s account. He took to Twitter to complain and seek help from his fellow Kenyans brought out their rage. Within a day, the problem was heard and all issues resolved.

Who’s next? M-PESA transaction charges maybe? More Banks? Keep it here for the updates.

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