AI Craze Hits Kenya: Google Reveals What Kenyans Are Searching For

Google Bard

Google has revealed a remarkable surge in searches for artificial intelligence (AI) in Kenya, hitting an all-time high in 2023. Interest has spiked by a staggering 270% compared to last year and an impressive 400% over the last five years.

Kenya’s Quest for AI Knowledge

People in Kenya are eager to understand AI better, as evidenced by trending search terms like “how to use artificial intelligence?” (+350%), “what is an AI?” (+300%), and “how AI works” (+200%). They’re also keen on learning to create AI, as seen with the query “how to make artificial intelligence” (+200%).

Google’s Responsible AI Vision

Google, committed to responsible AI adoption, introduced Bard, its conversational AI service, in both English and Swahili. The company emphasizes responsible regulation, purposeful technology use, and fostering partnerships for the greater good.

AI and Career Growth in Kenya

Kenyan interest in AI isn’t just about curiosity—it’s about practical application too. Searches related to AI jobs skyrocketed by over 5,000%, while inquiries on AI for CV/resume building rose by 1,150%. Searches for AI courses also doubled (+100%).

Tech Skill Uptake on the Rise

Kenya is witnessing a surge in searches for online businesses (+250%), business registration (+200%), and acquiring digital skills certifications. Courses on virtual assistance (+450%), data analysis (+200%), digital marketing (+200%), and cybersecurity (+100%) are particularly sought after.

Cybersecurity and Misinformation Concerns

Cybersecurity is a growing concern, with searches on “DNS hijacking” (+350%), “click fraud” (+150%), and “voice phishing” (+100%) spiking. Interest in combating misinformation is also evident, with a 5,000% increase in “fake news” searches over the past decade.

Google’s AI-Powered Solutions

Google employs AI to bolster cybersecurity and fight misinformation. Gmail, with AI, blocks 99.9% of malware, phishing, and spam. Google collaborates with fact-checkers and publishers using AI-enabled tools to combat misinformation and supports initiatives to identify and refute fake news.

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