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Beating Tax Hikes in Kenya with Badili’s Affordable Smartphones

Beating Tax Hikes in Kenya with Badili’s Affordable Smartphones - Partner Content

The Burden of Rising Taxes on Smartphones

It is becoming costlier to afford a smartphone in Kenya this year, as the smartphone market is facing the brunt of increasing taxes. A stringent 100 percent verification process on imports imposed by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has taken a toll on small-scale traders, including smartphone dealers.

The government’s new cargo consolidation policy has resulted in higher tax rates since it is now based on the transaction value of smartphones. This is as opposed to the rate of Sh200 per kilogram as it was before. 

Consequently, prices of new smartphones have skyrocketed, putting a strain on consumers’ budgets. The availability of affordable smartphones has dwindled, and consumers are seeking alternative options.

Refurbished Phones as a Smart Alternative

In response to these challenges, refurbished smartphones have emerged as a smart alternative for budget-conscious consumers. Refurbished phones offer a compelling option for those looking to upgrade their devices while avoiding the exorbitant prices of new smartphones.

As a pioneer in the re-commerce industry, Badili Africa has positioned itself as the most reliable marketplace for refurbished smartphones in Kenya. You get a wide range of premium refurbished smartphones at affordable prices.  Badili offers consumers the opportunity to access top brands and models without compromising on quality.

Why Choose a Refurbished Phone from Badili

Badili refurbished smartphone

Unbeatable Prices

Badili’s refurbished smartphones come with attractive price tags, offering substantial savings compared to new devices. Most smartphones are available at almost half of their market pricce. This affordability allows consumers to stay up-to-date with the latest technology without financial strain.

Convenient Payment Options

Badili offers flexible payment options, making it easier for consumers to upgrade to a refurbished phone. Whether it’s paying in full or opting for financing plans like Lipa MosMos or Lipa Later, customers can choose a payment method that best suits their budget.

Trade-In For an Upgrade

Badili offers a seamless process for customers to trade in their old phones and upgrade to a top-notch refurbished device. By selling their old phone back to Badili, customers not only get an attractive discount on their new purchase but also enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free upgrade. You get to continuously experience the latest smartphone innovations without the burden of high costs.

Quality Assurance

Each phone at Badili undergoes 32 meticulous quality checks to guarantee excellent performance and functionality. With Badili’s assurance of quality, consumers can confidently choose from a wide range of smartphones that meet their needs.

Warranty Coverage

To provide added peace of mind, Badili offers a 12-month unlimited warranty on all refurbished phones. This warranty covers any factory defects or software issues, ensuring customers have recourse in case of any unforeseen problems.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Opting for a refurbished phone from Badili reduces electronic waste and makes a positive environmental impact. Extending the lifespan of pre-owned devices through refurbishment minimizes the need for new phone production, saving natural resources and energy. 

As the smartphone market in Kenya grapples with rising taxes and soaring prices, look no further than Badili refurbished smartphones. With affordable price tags, quality assurance, and eco-friendly appeal, Badili presents a compelling alternative to expensive new devices.

Visit the online Badili store or walk into any of the exclusive stores at Riara near Junction Mall or in Ambience Mall, Westlands. Embrace the future of smart technology and make a sustainable choice with Badili.

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