These Windows Applications Will Improve Your Productivity


There are lots of apps to choose from on a Windows Pc or laptop. To make things easier for you, here is a list of 5 Windows applications you can download to improve your productivity.

Windows Applications That Will Improve Your Productivity


The notion is among the most popular note-taking applications for productivity. The app combines note-taking, task management and database in one package and makes them work seamlessly. It allows you to organise your tasks, create checklists, and edit them later if you want to. The application has a free and premium version, which you can subscribe to at a fee.


Buffer is arguably the best social media management application in the market. If your main job is to manage social media accounts in an organisation, you should try out buffer. The application will make your daily tasks like posting, scheduling and performance tracking easy and straightforward. With the buffer, you can queue your posts and schedule them to be automatically posted or uploaded. You can also track things lick clicks, comments and shares of your posts through the app. The application is free, but if you need more detailed engagement, you can purchase the premium version.


Asana is an application that makes team projects easy to monitor and manage. The application is easy to use and makes team collaborations work seamlessly. It is designed with plenty of tools that make workload management very effective. It also helps keep track of the progress of team projects.

Windows dictation

Windows dictation uses in-built speech recognition to convert spoken words into text. This makes you to save a lot of time that you would waste in typing. The app is easy to use and has a variety of commands that can be used to control text without using the keyboard. For instance, if  you finish dictating, you can just say ‘stop dictating’ and it will stop and save the file. It however requires internet to use the dictator.

Share x

Share x is a free windows tool for taking screenshots. With this application, you can use just a few key commands to capture a screenshot of a portion of your screen. Once the screenshot is taken, it allows you to crop, rotate and even blur parts of the shot. It also has a feature that allows you to pull out text from the screenshot and then you can paste it where you need it.

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