President Ruto Announces One Paybill Number For All Government Services

Paybill Ruto Government

During the launch of Gava Mkononi, a mobile app version of the e-Citizen platform, President Ruto declared the closure of all PayBill Numbers. Only one paybill will exclusively remit government funds to the National Treasury. This move aims to consolidate financial operations, reduce confusion among citizens, and facilitate accurate tracking of financial flows. Let’s delve into the details of this new directive.

One Paybill For All Government Services: Why

According to, President Ruto emphasizes that the government’s decision to operate only one Pay Bill Number, specifically Pay Bill Number 222222, will streamline the financial system. He notes that multiple Pay Bill Numbers used by different government departments previously caused confusion. By centralizing all government funds through a single channel, the government aims to eliminate unnecessary complexities and enhance efficiency in financial management.

With the consolidation of funds, it will now be easier to track financial flows. They will also be able to reconcile accounts and facilitate more accurate auditing processes. President Ruto’s government recognizes the importance of prudent financial management.

Are there Any Advantages To One PayBill Number?

The President notes that the transaction fees are minimal, making it an economical option for collecting payments. Hopefully, by reducing payment processing costs, the government can allocate more resources towards essential services.

Enhanced Security:
Mobile money payments are encrypted and highly secure, providing customers with confidence that their personal and financial information is protected. This level of security contributes to fostering trust in the government’s financial transactions and further reinforces transparency and accountability.

President Ruto’s commitment to modernizing government operations is the one thing I appreciate. We are hopefully going to embrace more efficient approaches. This reflects the government’s dedication to transparency, accountability, and prudent financial management.

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