How To Turn On The Uber PIN Safety Feature For Riders

uber pin safety feature

Getting a ride from a stranger from an app can be a bit unnerving, especially with the vast number of harassment cases in Kenya. There have been a number of people who have entered the wrong car, me included. How can you ensure you’re in the right car? And as a driver, how can you ensure the person in your car is the right one? Here is where the Uber’s PIN safety feature comes in.

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Once an Uber passenger matches with the driver, it shows the driver’s name, car make, model, license plate and colour of the car. As for drivers, they only get the passenger’s name and photo. This is why most Uber drivers will call and ask you where you are headed.

Uber’s PIN safety feature comes in handy where immediately you match with an Uber, you get a 4 digit pin. This pin is to be shared with the driver who then inputs it on their end and the trip is verified. Only when verified, does the trip start.

Turn On Pin verification In The Uber App

  1. Open the Uber app, go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Verify Your Rides.
  3. Select ‘Use Pin To Verify Rides’ to toggle it on.
  4. Choose either ‘Every Ride’ or ‘Only At Night‘.
  5. Tap Done.

This feature has helped me tremendously because it gives me peace of mind ensuring an extra layer of security offered.

Verify Your Ride

Incase you choose not to use the Pin verification feature, remember to take these precatuions as a safety measure before entering the car:

  • The driver matches their profile photo.
  • The car make, model, license plate and colour of the car matches what is shown in the app.



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