List of Free Apps and Educational Resources You Can Access in Kenya

Free online classes, Zeraki Learning

With the short holidays upon us, we thought it best to help you out with a few educational links. Below is a list of some online educational apps, free online classes and educational resources.

Free Apps and Online Educational Classes & Resources

This is a list compiled by home educators. It is a non-exhaustive list that might help those affected by school closures due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Kenya.

Primary and Higher Education Online Classes

Zeraki Learning App

This is an educational platform that offers studies and courses from experienced high school teachers. The app comprises video lessons and assessment tests from some of Kenya’s best high school teachers. It applies three simple processes; learn, practice and track.

The Zeraki Learning app has a straightforward application. They have partnered with Safaricom to offer at least 5 courses from forms 1-4 so far. They include Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geography.

Additionally, it has assignments for all the subjects, including Agriculture and Aviation. It also requires about 1GB of storage space to accommodate the subjects’ quizzes and assignments.

Khan Academy

At Khan Academy, students practice at their own pace. They first start with ‘fill in the gaps and then proceed to expand the questions according to the child’s abilities.

It is good for Math and computing for all ages and other subjects at the Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it’s a mostly common material.

BBC Learning

This site is old and no longer updated and yet there’s so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV license is required except for content on BBC iPlayer.

Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account).

Prodigy Math
A math learning platform that focuses on the American system from 1st to 8th grade. It is in U.S. grades, but good for UK Primary age as well.

Computer Programming Classes

This is a fun platform where you can learn computer programming skills. Simple enough for kids to learn and enjoy.

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. Creative computer programming

Videos, Activities and Discovery Classes

TedEd platform has all sorts of engaging educational videos fit for all ages.

With this site, you can learn languages for free. Web or app.

Crash Course
From courses like Astronomy to US History and Anatomy & Physiology it’s got you covered with an awesome variety of AP high school curriculum topics. With various witty hosts at your service, you won’t even notice you’re getting smarter.

Crash Course Kids
This channel explores the world of science. It has mini videos that explain certain topics to children in ways they can easily understand. As above for a younger audience

Paw Print Badges
The pawprint badges site has free challenge packs and other downloads. Many activities can be completed indoors. Badges cost some money but are optional.

British Council
Choose from a wide range of resources to give your class a glimpse into other cultures and provide a base to develop international partnerships.

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