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The Basics of Playing Escape from Tarkov, what beginners need to Know

The Basics of Playing Escape from Tarkov, what beginners need to Know - Partner Content

Escape from Tarkov is a well-known battle royale shooter and realistic military simulation aimed at meeting all the conditions of war – bullet ballistics, realistic damage and wounds, and movement and combat tactics that are applicable in real battles.

To start the game, you need to choose your side of the conflict – according to the history of the project, the USA and Russia are fighting on the territory of Tarkov, but they are not selling their armies, but PMCs with the best representatives from each side.

The choice of side is not a fundamental point since they differ only in linguistic features and equipment inherent in NATO countries and Russia.

Game Basics

An important role in Escape from Tarkov is played by your level, which is pumped in various ways:

  1. Outings – any activity aimed at adventure, resource extraction and battles will bring you experience if completed successfully – that is, go into dangerous territory, collect resources and money, eliminate enemies and bandits if possible and return to base with a full inventory of useful items.
  1. Raids are a format of being in a special zone with rare rewards and loot but which require special access, which can be found randomly among other rewards during normal outings. With the growth of levels, you can simply buy the necessary access, but in the beginning, everything will depend on your luck.
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Levels play an important role in your character’s abilities and expand the possibilities for the game.

For example, at hero level 15, you will get access to a flea market – a source where you can buy game items, weapons, items of equipment and accessories to enhance small arms, medicines and grenades, and everything that players can take out of sorties and raids and put up for sale for others players.

At level 45, an advanced source for purchasing improved equipment and weapons will open, but at the same time, the price of purchasing such items will also increase since such equipment can be obtained in raids and, with great luck, during combat exits.

Combat sorties

To get weapons and armour elements, cartridges and a helmet, you need to make combat sorties.

You leave your shelter and go to the territory where all the valuable items and a lot of enemies are located, which can bring death and wounds if you are not careful.

You have to navigate around the surrounding objects since you will not have an auxiliary interface. Gradually, you will get comfortable and learn where the best items of equipment often appear and how to ambush representatives of enemy PMCs and bandits.

Please note that Tarkov emphasizes realism, so if you die, you will lose everything valuable that you had with you. Therefore, it is worth insuring the most valuable items that you have with you in order to get them back, even after death.

You should not be afraid of bandits, but you should not look specifically either. These are weak AI-controlled characters with poor weapons and ammo, but in large numbers, they can become a serious threat due to the density of fire and the ability to kill with a random bullet.

You need to take out a couple of assault rifles, a helmet and body armour, a bag for expanding inventory, ammo and grenades, and medical supplies from the sortie.

All these are essential items in any battle, it remains to learn how to use all these correctly, and in a timely manner, but with a large number of cartridges, it is only a matter of time.

Two assault rifles are needed for two types of battles – long-range and indoor battles.

You will need two scopes – a multiple zoom scope for long-range combat and a collimator for close-range combat.

The helmet will help to survive some of the damage to the head or even save it from death with a certain chance. Without it, any hit to the head is bound to be fatal.

Bulletproof vest – blocks most of the damage and makes it possible to survive fatal shots.

Grenades need to learn how to use and understand their tactical significance. They can knock the enemy out of cover – if you throw a grenade and cover the enemy with dense fire, preventing you from taking any action and accepting death from a bullet or explosion. The smoke bomb must be used to freely withdraw from the combat zone.

Medicines – Tarkov emphasizes realism, so if you get wounded, you will bleed out and die pretty quickly if you don’t take steps to save yourself. The dressing will buy you time and help you regain control before you return to the peaceful zone. A wounded character will lose accuracy and speed, so wounds must be dealt with first.

Relations with the NPC

Each NPC manages a specific area in Tarkov, and if you keep in touch with them and carry out their instructions, you can receive various benefits.

For example, a nurse will buy interior items if you bring them from a sortie – this is the only NPC who is interested in such things.

Merchants will be able to strengthen your wild characters, giving them better equipment for safe outings.

Wild character

You can rent a wild-neutral character that appears with random equipment and is needed for safe outings while maintaining the main character.

The wild will have disgusting equipment – rusty weapons and bad cartridges, but complete neutrality with bandits and bonuses for killing enemy PMCs, while they can be sanctioned for killing your wild.

Look for all the valuable items that you can find and take them to the extraction point to give them to your main character and strengthen them at their expense, or sell them to other players or merchants.

As trust with the merchant faction grows, your wild character will become stronger, get improved starting equipment, and local bandits can even help you in battles with PMCs.


This is a high-quality loot area where you need special access to enter. If you have enough game rubles, then you can simply buy a card and significantly increase the strength of your character by obtaining a large number of useful items and equipment sets.

The principle is the same as during a regular outing, but the visit will be limited.

Access cards to the laboratory are also of high value, so always analyze whether you are ready to take risks and trust the chance or get stability.

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