Communications Authority To Promote Online Safety Through Kenya Drama and Film Festivals

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The 61st Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals are set for a boost as the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) are set to sponsor the events. CA is the theme sponsor for the 2023 Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals. This year’s theme is “Fostering Digital Transformation Through Theatre and Film: Promoting Online Safety”.

Communications Authority To Sponsor Kenya Drama and Film Festivals

“As the ICT regulator, we see the value that increased ICT connectivity has brought to the Kenyan economy. We seek to increasingly drive its adoption in the creative economy. In order to increase its productivity, there is a need for ICT consumers. Our collaboration with the Ministry of Education in the planning and execution of this event shall go a long way in achieving this mutually beneficial objective.” said CA Director General Ezra Chiloba.

“In recognition of the fifth-generation collaborative regulation, CA sees this engagement as a valuable initiative. It will leverage creativity in addressing child online threats.

Arts are growing to be the new frontier for sensitizing and raising awareness on emerging cybercrimes and threats targeting children. The opportunities that the digital economy presents for this sector is immense.

Sensitizing The Public On Internet Threats

CA’s participation at the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival is to sensitize participants. They will also sensitise the public on the threats that may be found on the internet. . In addition, through this platform, ICT consumers shall be empowered and acquire the information skills and knowledge required to have a safer internet experience.

“The Kenya National Drama and Film Festival Secretariat accorded the Authority an opportunity to be the theme sponsor for the national festivals thus a platform to educate and sensitize the public on emerging cyber issues and raise awareness on topical pertinent matters among Kenyans e.g. Child Online Protection and safety,” said Mr. Chiloba.

This years’ event, aims to sensitize the population, especially children, parents and teachers on how to prevent dangerous situations and how to respond to situations that would expose them to cybercrime.

The Kenya National Drama and Film Festival is an annual co-curricular talent-based activity of the Ministry of Education. The patron of KNDFF is His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Kenya. The activity brings together over two million learners from all over the country and from all levels of education. I.e., preschool, primary and secondary schools, teachers’ training colleges, technical training institutions and universities.

The Authority has in place a Child Online Protection initiative dubbed “Huwezi Tucheza, Tuko Cyber Smart”. It leverages a multi-stakeholder approach to developing mechanisms that safeguard children online. It also equips them to use technology in a productive manner.

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