The Cheapest 5G Phone You Can Get From Samsung in Kenya- Galaxy A14

Samsung A14 5G

Are you thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G? In this article, we’ll take a look at the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G and give you our take on this device.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G in Kenya


Let’s start with the price. the phone is quoted around KES 22,000 and is seemingly appealing, but is it enough. The base variant comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which is simply not enough for Samsung’s one UI in 2023. To get a decent smartphone experience, you’ll need at least 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Aside from that extra expense, Samsung doesn’t include basic accessories either. This means you may have to buy a new power adapter, a pre-applied screen protector and a case.

Design and Features

The Galaxy A14 looks cool at first glance, with its visual cues taken from the flagship S23 series. However, when you flip the phone over, those thick bezels and water-drop notch look outdated. The Display is also a PLS screen that’s nowhere near an AMOLED panel.

But what about performance? The Exynos 1330 chip powering this phone looks pretty capable on paper. Other reviews show that multitasking can cause the phone to switch between different apps and take longer to open big apps and games. And the gaming experience is also okay, with Call of Duty playing nicely with the latest Exynos chip.

Power, Cameras and Conclusion

On the software side, the Galaxy A14 ships with the new One UI 5 Core. However, the base 4GB RAM/64GB storage configuration is pretty much useless unless you plan to use this phone for just calls and texts. Out of the 64GB storage, the system takes up around 15GB, and the remaining 50GB is simply not enough for today’s resource-hungry apps.

We also can’t forget it comes with 5G bands which you can test out here. This will definitely put you a step ahead of other smartphone users when 5G reaches its full potential in Kenya.

The Galaxy A14’s triple camera setup is not going to blow you away but it works really well for the price. Even though there’s no ultrawide angle camera here, the images look a bit livelier with poppy colours and better dynamic range than the competition. However, just like most budget phones, it struggles in low-light conditions.

So, in conclusion, if you’re thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, we recommend that t¥you get the higher storage version.


Starting on 1st April 2023, the Galaxy A14 will be widely available in all Samsung dealer stores nationwide.

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