The US VP Kamala Harris Playlist that Includes Kenya’s Bien

Kamala Harris Spotify My Travels Playlist
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US Vice President Kamala Harris recently unveiled her African Tour playlist on Spotify, titled “My Travels: Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia.” The playlist features a number of African artists, including Kenya’s own Bien of the Sauti Sol boy band.

Further, VP Kamala Harris visited Spotify’s Vibrate Space in Ghana during her African Tour, where she met with local artists and creators. Vibrate is a community recording studio and music business program. It offers education and mentorship for young Ghanaian artists so they can create, connect, and collaborate. Spotify has been partnering with the space since September 2022.

US VP Kamala Harris Spotify Playlist

Although Bien is the only Kenyan artist featured on the playlist with his song “No Body” featuring Darassa, it’s still exciting to see his music represented alongside other talented musicians from across the African continent.

The playlist features a diverse range of musical genres and styles, including ballads, pop, and dance tracks. It showcases the rich musical traditions and contemporary scenes of each country Vice President Harris visited.

Other East African artists featured on the playlist include Harmonize with “Single Again”, Ali Kiba with “Mahaba”, Jux with “Nice Kiss”, Zuchu with “Utaniua”, Jay Melody with “Sawa”, Mbosso with “Shetani”, and Marioo with “Lonely.” This diverse mix of artists and genres reflects the rich musical landscape of East Africa and highlights the variety of talent that exists within the region.

Vice President Harris’s visit to Spotify’s Vibrate Space highlights the company’s ongoing efforts to support emerging artists and promote equality in the music industry through initiatives like the EQUAL program. This program aims to provide resources, support, and opportunities for more female artists, producers, and songwriters.

Overall, I hope this playlist will encourage more people to explore and appreciate the music of different African countries.

Check out the Kamala Harris playlist here.

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