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I Switched To The Tiniest Phone I Could Find In Kenya, and Wow!

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They say small things come in small packages. After doing a test and review of the iPhone 11 pro, I looked for something less “pro”. I tried out the super-small X-Tigi 3308 device that is among the world’s tiniest phones, if not the tiniest.

Here is what it’s worth.


It is tiny. The 1.3-inch non-touch screen plus the press buttons for the keypad can fit in half of my palm. I don’t know when I will need that, but it is good to know it is a ‘fistful’ device that I can enclose in my hand.

However, the tiny buttons are a little problematic. I easily hit the wrong keypad from time to time, a side-effect of using large modern smartphone screens.

It has a single main 2MP camera at the back and no selfie camera. I don’t think anyone would buy this for photography of any kind, but it’s good to know.


At the bottom, there is a port for a micro-USB charger.

Does It Work?

More than I expected for a feature phone. The 520mAh removable battery can last two days, on normal functions. However, the juice often ran out on me after 8/9hrs, if pushed with heavy usage for calls and messages.

If you insist on having multi-media, there is a 24MB internal storage 64MB card slot for a microSD for media content. There is nothing much I could do with the space, though.

The other basic functions in the X-Tigi 3308 are just fine. It is a dual sim, has a powerful torch and Bluetooth dialer feature. The Bluetooth feature works pretty well, more than I expected. My expectations were zero. You can connect to a Bluetooth speaker and play the wireless FM available. Wireless FM is good as most feature phones need earphones plugged in to work.

Other features, like F1 games, Facebook, and Twitter, are very rudimentary. I am pretty sure I might have found them okay if we were in 2009. But we are not.

Will you buy this phone? I don’t know, haha. But for approximately 1600, you can get the X-Tigi 3308 from online stores in Kenya like Jiji.

Overall, I think this would be the perfect device to carry to a packed Nairobi concert. If you know what I am saying.

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