Kenya’s Top Google Searches: A Comedy of Portals, Sports, and Serious Issues

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Kenyans are a curious bunch, always looking for answers on Google to some of life’s most pressing questions. But what are the top searches on Google in Kenya, you ask?

Kenya’s Top Google Searches

Well, it seems that Kenyans are obsessed with portals – the IEBC Portal and KNEC Portal are two of the top trending searches. It’s not clear why this is the case, but one can only assume that we are just really into portals.

Sports also seem to be on the minds of many Kenyans, with the World Cup 2022 Fixtures and AFCON making the list of top searches. Perhaps we’re looking for ways to avoid our significant others during these events.

But not all of the top Google searches in Kenya are frivolous – some are downright serious. For example, Kenyans are searching for information on GMOs, state capture, and subsidies. It seems that we are looking for ways to educate themselves on important issues.

In addition to the top searches mentioned above, it seems that Kenyans are also interested in some more lighthearted topics. For example, searches for “What is opaque?, What is State Capture” based on the recent elections were really booming in August!

And finally, it seems that Kenyans are also interested in the world of technology, with searches for “What is coding?” making the list. Perhaps a future generation of Kenyan programmers is in the making.

All in all, it’s clear that Kenyans are a diverse group with a wide range of interests. Whether it’s portals, sports, or important political issues, there’s something for everyone in Kenya’s top Google searches.

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