Power Outages? Keep Your Devices Alive With These Hacks

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If you were in Kenya in January, you were definitely in the thick of one of the worst nationwide power outages. The country was plunged into three power strikes in just a short period of 24 hours. The blackout happened after towers supporting a major electricity transmission line collapsed. It took hours for the utility firm responsible, Kenya Power, to restore the operation.  

In a period where a lot of people are working and studying from home, panic and uproar were inevitable. Internet connection was disrupted, devices ran out of power, and life come to a standstill for most. It is not the first time too, and it won’t be the last.

So, how can you best be prepared for such an eventuality?

Here are some of the hacks you can use to keep your devices alive before during a power outage.

Hacks To keep Your Devices On During a Power Outage

Keep all Your Devices Charged Always 

Even when not in use, ensure that all of your gadgets are fully charged. This is especially important in cases of predicted or potential power cuts. It could be through communications from utility firms or during rainy seasons. Your laptop will be useful in charging for your phone, or your phone to another gadget if it allows reverse charging.

Backup Power Options
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS):As the name suggests, UPS apparatus provide uninterrupted power supply during interruptions happening in your main input power source. If you can afford it, get it.
    Bonus point, a UPS helps prevent any damage or data losses that could occur to your devices during electrical failures.
  • Generator: Generators come in very handy as a way of producing your power when the main electric grid fails. Generators that use automated switch applications are efficient in automatically restoring power. They do this almost instantaneously when you lose power.
  • Power Bank: With a power bank, you can charge your phone, tablet, and even laptops for a while longer after you have lost power. They are not generators alright, but they come with amazing capacities that can go upwards of 20,000mAH.
  • Car Cigarette lighter: Owners of cars with cigarette lighter can extend the life of their device in a power outage by getting a car adapter that connects their phone with the lighter’s plug. 
Portable Wifi Router 

Pocket-sized mini wifi routers are magic for your internet needs during a power outage. Most of them are pretty affordable and can last several hours connected to multiple devices. They do not need to be directly connected to the power source. You should get one already!

Additionally, remember to check for the battery capacity of your phone during purchase. As of this publication I recommend using a phone with at least 4,500 mAh in capacity. This should be good enough to last over a day for an average user.
The above hacks should have you prepared better than before for the next power outages!

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