Here Are The Cheapest Ways to Start Your Podcast: Just Do It

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Did you know that it is possible and not too difficult to start a podcast? So how do you start a podcast without investing much? If you already own a computer or a phone you should be able to get started for. You don’t need much of an equipment set-up for a podcast. Here are some of the cheapest ways to start your podcast.

Cheapest Ways to Start Your Podcast

Create a podcast plan

First, choose your podcast name and podcast description that can grab the listener’s attention and inform what is your podcast all about. Determine your target audience and research topics that drive curiosity and engagement among the target audience. You can also try reviewing some popular podcasts around those topics on podcast apps or come up with topics that are unique and interesting for listeners.

Get (cheap) recording equipment

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Your smartphone is a perfectly acceptable recording tool. you don’t need a professional studio and tons of recording equipment to make a great podcast. You can easily record using the default voice recording app that comes with your smartphone. Almost any smartphone (even older models) can do most of what you need to create a basic podcast. A podcast can be edited W uploaded on a smartphone so long as you have any podcast app of your choice on the smartphone.

Find a quiet place

Most content creators would have access to a professional recording studio. In reality, most don’t. But don’t panic just yet. It’s perfectly possible to set up a good recording space in the comfort of your own home. If you’re recording at home, try as much as possible to choose a room with low levels of background noise and with few outward-facing walls. This will reduce the amount of ambient noise that filters in from the outside. If you’re recording outdoors consider a quiet spot.

Be consistent

Launch with at least three episodes to allow for some binge listening and to build loyalty. Don’t let your listeners down; they might forget to come back. Once you start keep at it the process will get easier over time but don’t judge these early episodes too harshly

Podcasting doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right tricks, you can publish your first episodes without taking money out of your pocket. Once you have some money to spend, you might want to invest and upgrade.

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