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2 Major iOS 16 Features That Will Change Your iPhone Experience

major ios 16 features

iOS 16, Apple’s next major operating system for iPhone, was unveiled yesterday at the WWDC 2022, Apple’s annual developer conference. The new update set to be released later this year brings improvements to many apps. From the range of features, we were particularly impressed by 2 major iOS 16 features that will roll out, the customizable lock screen and the updates to Messages.

iOS 16 Features

Customizable Lock Screen

The ‘biggest update ever to the lock screen’ has a completely new look. You’ll be able to customize your lock screen by tapping in any area to choose new styles, color filters and the font for the time. You won’t also be limited to just one lock screen either. Just like creating the watch face of the Apple Watch, you can swipe between different lock screens, so you can have access to different widgets based on your needs.

This update is an interesting concept because, if you’re just like me, who changes their wallpaper and lock screen constantly, having a fresh look on your phone makes you feel better. It also makes you feel as if you have a new device in your hands.

Updates to Messages

On Apple Messages, you now have the option to “Undo Send” to delete those embarrassing messages you accidentally sent. If you have a typo in your message, there is an option to edit the message just like the social platform Telegram. It will also show that the text has been edited. Using this feature will allow users to edit only within 15 minutes of sending the message.

As much as this feature is top-notch to quickly get rid of typos, there are those users that could use the edit feature with malicious intent. Here are tweets on the reaction to this feature.

What devices support iOS 16?

The iOS 16 update will be available on the iPhone 8 and later. To be precise, it includes these iPhones:

  • Obviously the iPhone 14 line-up
  • iPhone 13,┬áiPhone 13 Mini,┬áiPhone 13 Pro, and┬áiPhone 13 Pro Max
  • The iPhone 12,┬áiPhone 12 Mini,┬áiPhone 12 Pro, and┬áiPhone 12 Pro Max
  • The iPhone 11,┬áiPhone 11 Pro, and┬áiPhone 11 Pro Max
  • The iPhone X,┬áiPhone 11 XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
  • Yes, no 6 and 7, just the iPhone 8┬áand ┬áiPhone 8 Plus
  • Also, the iPhone SE (2020)┬áand┬áiPhone SE (2022)

If you have any device other than this, your luck just ran out.

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