6 Reasons Why I Switched To A Safaricom eSim (Yes Because of the iPhone 14)

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  1. I’m disappointed with the inaccuracies that made it to this article.
    Switching phones isn’t a hassle when using eSim. You can transfer your eSim from one phone to another using built-in tools or the QR code your carrier gave you.
    You can also easily remove/delete and add eSims to your phone, granted it is unlocked (password/pin). You can also lock your access to your eSim settings behind a pin.

    Now I’m not sure if you were just talking about iPhones, but even that would be a stretch. More research is required.

    1. We’re disappointed you didn’t take time to fully understand the article. We didn’t say it’s a hassle to switch phones. All we said is that it might take longer than it usually would with a regular SIM because that is instant. With the QR code, it takes about 2-3 mins, to load into your phone (as per my experience) and switching Sims between phones could take less than a minute. However, it’s not even a factor worth making a complete decision as it is a very small time difference.

      Yes you can delete a “Safaricom e-Sim” network and switch to another network like “Airtel” but you cannot remove the eSim itself as it is built into the phone. So essentially, you can’t add eSims, you can add networks to the sole eSim on the phone.

      We appreciate your concerns and we will work to research more

  2. Your article says pixels from 3 and above support it. While I know latest pixels have that esim hardware, they’re not listed on safaricom’s support page… Do they work regardless?

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