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OPPO ColorOS 13 Features To Boost Your Music Experience On Spotify Kenya

OPPO ColorOS 13 Spotify

OPPO has struck a new partnership for ColorOS 13 with the audio streaming platform Spotify. They aim this partnership to create a new customizable music experience on OPPO smartphones through its Operating System. ColorOS 13 is the latest Android-Based Operating System from OPPO.

Based on the Android Operating System, ColorOS provides exclusive, intelligent, and user-friendly experiences to OPPO devices. There are smart features in ColorOS 13 to help Kenyans enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks with control over the Spotify app on the home screen of their OPPO device.

Here are the features.

ColorOS 13 Features To Boost Your Music Experience On Spotify Kenya

Smart Always-On-Display (AOD)

You can now know what Spotify content is playing simply by glancing at the AOD and double-clicking on the music control panel. It helps keep away the need to wake the device up. The AOD integration also allows users to access and control the playback of their favorite audio content from Spotify. You also access Spotify content recommendations – all without unlocking the device.

Smart Always-On-Display supports Spotify controls and information display


 The new Shelf feature in ColorOS 13 includes an in-built Spotify Card. It contains Spotify content recommendations and through which OPPO users have access music just a slide away.

In-built Spotify card in shelf in ColorOS 13

Home Screen Widgets

The Spotify widget can also be added to the ColorOS 13 home screen for quick app access.

Spotify widget on ColorOS 13 home screen

Clock App

An alarm integration in the ColorOS 13 Clock app enables users to wake up every morning to their favorite Spotify tracks, playlists, and podcasts.

Spotify alarm integration in the ColorOS 13 Clock app


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