This AI Image Generator Produces Realistic Pictures From Text

AI Image Generator

A new AI Artwork Image generator capable of producing realistic pictures from any text prompt has seen an incredibly swift uptake in its first week.

People looking at stretching their imagination can now paint their thoughts on a black canvas and Whoah! The AI gives birth to incredibly amazing pieces of art without your fingers caressing paint brushes on a canvas. This is all thanks to Midjourney. Take a look.

It is inspired by idea prompts for AI bots popularized by DALL-E mini, an AI project that recently went viral when users started using the platform to produce hysterically funny meme-like concepts. This craze just like the one we saw earlier in the year with NFTs.

Midjourney Beta is, however, different. This is due to its air of exclusivity since it is only accessible via Discord, a messaging social platform. 

So how does it work?

Midjourney accepts a design prompt or an idea in the form of a descriptive statement from a user. It then uses the information as an inspiration for generative machine learning. This is for for the hyper-realistic synthesis, recreation, and modification of prose and existing images to create captivating pictures.

How To Use Midjourney

To give Midjourney a whirl, you need to have an active Discord account.

  1. Using your computer or mobile device, go to the Midjourney website and click ‘Join the beta.’ This will direct you to the Midjourney Discord channel where you will gain access to the AI art generation bot.
  2. Once you get admission into the community, you will be given 25 free creation credits to start then find one of the Midjourney Discord #newbies channels available from the sidebar.
  3. These channels will contain the Midjourney Bot that does the actual AI image generation.
  4. Once in the appropriate channel, type ‘/imagine’ into the text field. This should trigger a list of /(slash) commands.
  5. Next, pick the ‘/imagine prompt’ option and start typing a string of descriptive keywords for the AI to use as a basis.
  6. Press ‘Enter’ or send the message to complete the art generation request to the Midjourney Bot.
  7. The AI will take up to about sixty seconds to generate and provide four image options using the descriptive idea provided.

It is easy to say technology will soon have many technical arts die. Maybe this is the new era of the artistic world and just like the first iPhone changed the mobile industry maybe, just maybe, so will Midourney.

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