Truecaller Predicts Calls Before They Ring: Here’s How It Works

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I was busy working and then suddenly got a notification ‘John will call you, do you want to silence it?’. I was intrigued, to say the least, and 20 seconds later the phone rang. This was pretty cool and could have saved me countless conversations I didn’t want to have. So I thought let me tell those that may not know about how Truecaller predicts calls even before they ring.

How Truecaller Predicts Calls Before They Ring

What Are Call Alerts?

Call alerts will let you know who’s calling even before your phone rings. I know sounds crazy but it actually works. I got a call alert 20 seconds before my phone rang.

This then gives you the chance to either put your phone on silent, ignore it or move to a quieter place if you want to speak. Truecaller notes that they focus on safety and efficiency, and knowing even more in advance who’s calling can help in various situations.

How Call Alerts Work

When a Truecaller user calls you, you will see a notification appear on your phone before the call is connected or rings. As soon as the call is made to you, it uses data or wifi to securely send the alert from the caller’s phone to yours. Since data/Wifi is faster than a regular cellular network, the notification reaches you first, before the actual call comes through. Smart, they know.

For this to work, both users must have Truecaller and Notifications permission. You can disable Call Alerts anytime from the Settings section of the app.

How To Set it Up

Just download the Truecaller App and turn on notifications. simple as that. However, before you put all your trust in Truecaller, you should read this.

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