iPhone 6 Quick Review- Is It Still Worth It In 2022?

iPhone 6 review

In its year of launch, the iPhone 6 was the best device overall across the competition. The form factor, processing speeds, and screen size are among the few major upgrades done over its predecessor- the iPhone 5.

Several generations of iPhone later, the iPhone 6 is still a compact device. You should know that Apple no longer offers software upgrades to the iPhone 6. However, if you’re looking to begin your iOS journey and are on an extreme budget, this is still a solid gadget.

I got an iPhone 6 for KES 13,999 from Badili, and here is a quick review of the device.

iPhone 6 Quick Review


This is the first iPhone that features a smooth edge, a leap from the sharper edges in previous generations. It has a glass front and an aluminum body. I like its ergonomic and sleek design, which makes it easy to handle, with most buttons within stress-free reach.

The power and volume buttons are at the side of the display, and the almost forgotten 3.5mm headphone jack shows up at the bottom. You also get a home button that doubles up as the fingerprint reader.

At 129 grams, the iPhone 6 is light gadget to carry. There is no struggle to hold it in one hand, or pain with prolonged hours of usage.


At 4.7 inches, the phone is a medium size if you consider today’s average screen size in phones. It is neither too big to be a bother, nor too small to become stressful while typing.

The screen is an IPS LCD, but worry not, it still performs fine. The Retina HD display that comes with a resolution of 1134 by 750 pixels ensures the screen is bright and colorful enough. Well, it struggles because you do not get any HD ability, but the quality is still sharp.


Point and shoot-This has always been Apple’s hack with cameras, and the iPhone 6 uses that to maintain superiority within its price segment. The 8MP back camera and 1.2MP front camera deliver images and videos clear enough to share with friends and social media.

A combination of the sensor, autofocus, and improved stabilization ensures accurate capturing of media, whether in low-light or bright environments.

There is no 4K recording as many phones do today, but the rear recording gives you 1280×720 recording at 240 fps. Good enough.


The iPhone 6 runs on Apple’s A8 processor, supported by a sensory M8 processor. However, on software, the highest version of iOS the iPhone 6 can install is iOS 12.

Featuring 1GB of RAM, the iPhone 6 is still a speed beast, boosted by Apple’s typical fast processors. It will rarely lag, and in those cases, it is usually just a storage issue. I got the 64GB variant to use, and it has not been slow at any point!


The iPhone 6 battery is at 1810 mAh. This is probably my biggest con, as it barely makes it through half a day of heavy usage. The M8 processor puts the phone to “sleep” to conserve battery life when not in use. This should offer a little relief, but not that much.

So, if you require good battery life, your expectations should be as low as the battery capacity.

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