Here’s A Guide On How To File Your KRA Tax Returns

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After news that some KRA PINS will be deregistered if Kenyans do not file their returns, many of you have been looking up how to file their returns. Most people think it is hard, however, it’s pretty simple. Here’s how to file your KRA tax returns.

File Tax Returns: Tax Employment Income Only
  1. Open your browser and go to the KRA website
  2. Enter your KRA PIN, click Continue. Enter Password and Security Stamp (answer to arithmetic sum) and Click login
  3. Go to Returns Menu and select ITR For Employment Income Only
  4. Enter Return Period, select ‘Yes to the question ‘Do you have employment income?’ and Click ‘Next’
  5. Under basic information, answer the questions asked appropriately and Click ‘Next’
  6. Head to Section F, details of employment income, and confirm the name and PIN of the employer, Gross Pay, and other allowances as per your P9 form.
  7. Open Sheet M, details of PAYE deducted, confirm Employer details, Taxable salary, chargeable pay, Tax payable on taxable salary and PAYE deducted. Details can be modified as per your P9.
  8. Head to Section Q and capture a payment if any, made prior to the filing of the return
  9. Click Section T, Tax Computation, Enter defined/pension contribution amount (as per your P9 actual contribution by the employee) and personal relief. Click ‘Submit’ and download the E-return acknowledgment receipt
How To File Nil Returns
  1. Follow steps 1-2
  2. Go to Returns Menu and select File Nil Returns
  3. Choose your tax obligation and click next
  4. Type in your return period from and return period to and submit
  5. Download returns receipt

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