How To Check if Your KRA PIN is Listed For Deregistration


The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), on Monday, issued a statement asking Kenyans registered under the Value-Added Act 2013 and the Income Tax Act CAP 470 Laws of Kenya to file their returns. The number comes to a total of 62,727 Kenyans. If you are among the number and do not file your returns, you are at risk of losing your KRA PIN.

How To Check if Your KRA PIN is Listed For Deregistration

The fastest way to check is through the PDF below by Scribd. You can go through it step-by-step alphabetically and search for your name or just look up your KRA pin.

Another way is to download it from the page below. After that, open it on your phone or laptop and search for your name or number.

[scribd id=506138560 key=key-kcAp0sawx0EetGvanbHU mode=scroll]

The commission says that the step is pursuant to the provisions of

  1. Section 10 and 14 of Tax Procedures Act 2015
  2. Section 36 of the Value Added Tax Act 2013.

The move comes as the commission surpasses its monthly collection target, for the fifth time in a row. According to the Star, the taxpayers have also been asked to take the advantage of the Voluntary Tax Disclosure Program and apply, disclose and pay their outstanding liability with relief on interest and penalties.

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