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Here’s 5 Reasons Why I’ll Be Switching To Safaricom PostPay

Safaricom postpay

I always thought Safaricom PostPay was for the elite. Growing up, I wondered why my dad’s credit never seemed to end. He would talk for long periods of time with his friends and colleagues and the math didn’t add up.

For me to talk for that long, I’d have to move heaven and earth. So, I decided that one day, I’d check his balance. See what’s really up his sleeve. At the time, touching or just being in the same vicinity as your father’s phone was considered illegal in the eyes of the lawmaker(dad).

Fortunately, there was no fingerprint or FaceID locks so, all I needed was time and a chance when he left his phone unattended. On a lazy Sunday, he left his phone in the living room and went into his room. The circumstances were dire and I knew my time had come. I had to know his secret.

Mission Impossible

It wasn’t easy. I never got complete peace of mind.  What if he came back to get his phone? I couldn’t think about that. It was now or never. As soon as I touched his phone, for some reason, I could feel him creeping over my shoulders. But I pushed on. I had to know. I dialled *144# and as it loaded, my heart pounded with fear that he would catch me but the thrill kept me going.

That’s when I found out his secret. ‘Dear customer, don’t you know that you are on PostPay. You can’t check your airtime from here.’  That’s not exactly what it said but that was the message. As I was reading the text, the door swung open and I flung the phone back to his seat. Luckily he went to the kitchen and I had time to turn off the screen and relax.

Here’s Why You Should Switch To Safaricom PostPay Now?

Safaricom PostPay

So then I thought to myself, “hmmm, maybe I can get this too?” I did a little research online and the steps to subscribe to PostPay pushed me away.  You’d have to go with your ID and KRA PIN to a physical Safaricom shop and apply to join PostPay. Then after applying, they would turn off your line for a while as a transition process to PostPay. Crazy, I know.

Assuming you braved through that process, PostPay required you to set an initial limit for your package. Let’s say you set a maximum of 5,000. Should you surpass your limit before the day of, you’d have to go back to the shop and reset your limit. From then on I knew PostPay was not for me.

Fast forward, to 2020 and Safaricom have changed the PostPay game! I’m actually considering the migration. Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. The enrollment process is now super easy! All you have to do is dial *544# and select option 4 to Join PostPay or just use the MySafaricom app to do so
  2. There’s a variety of affordable packages to choose from: In the table below we can see prices ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 shillings.
  3. The minutes aren’t limited: The minutes attached to each plan are usable for both local and international calls.
  4. Set a maximum limit: You can forgo the package and Safaricom will charge you 4.30 per minute for calls and bundles. With this option, you can set a limit and never have to worry about spending too much.
  5. It’s PostPay: You never have to worry about your bundles or airtime ending during dire situations or embarrassing you when you need it the most
KES 1,000KES 2,000KES 3,000KES 5,000KES 10,000
5GB Data15GB Data25GB DataUnlimited DataUnlimited Data
400 Minutes1000 Minutes1500 Minutes2500 MinutesUnlimited Calls
Unlimited SMSUnlimited SMSUnlimited SMSUnlimited SMSUnlimited SMS

I spend about 30 to 50 shillings a day on Safaricom airtime a day. That’s about 1,500 a month. That means I could settle for the 2,000 or 1000 bob bundle and I’d be pretty satisfied. Anyway, Fingers crossed.

DISCLAIMER: This article is a sponsored article and does not substitute for professional advice or help. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility.

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  1. So true.

  2. Safaricom is terribly money drainer. Other net works 2 across all networks but saf 4.3.
    Safaricom is only good for mpesa.

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