Huawei Plans To Train 1,000 ICT Professionals Every Year In Kenya

huawei training kenya

Huawei has intensified its training in Kenya in order to increase the number of Information Communication Technology (ICT) experts in the country.

The Huawei Training Centre in Nairobi is expected to train at least 200 high-level advanced ICT experts and 5,000 ICT technical experienced professionals. The Chinese technology firm aims to train another 2,500 civil servants and 12,000 graduates.

The target groups include university students, telecommunications operators, government ICT officers, network contractors, and industry partners. The courses focus on the latest global trends in the application of modern tech across all sectors.

Huawei will provide students with hands-on exposure to a wide range of the latest innovative equipment. This span several fields of mobile networks, fiber networks, energy solutions, and other integrated telecommunications systems.

“We have partnered with 80 institutions of higher learning to provide their ICT students with practical ICT exposure with modern machines,” Dalmar Abdi, Chief Public Relations Officer at Huawei Kenya

The training centre will onboard associate, professional and expert learners with emphasis given to practical learning. Learners must have some background in ICT-related industry.

“We remain committed to supporting Kenya to develop its ICT skills across various levels and more so in government services to better serve Kenyans. We will continue supporting the country not only in building ICT infrastructure but also to transfer knowledge through various courses to ensure there are well-skilled professionals in the market.” Abdi.

The Huawei Training Centre in Kenya is housed in the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI). It also serves 28 countries in the East, Central and Southern African region.

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