Subaru Finally Unveils Its First All-Electric Car


Subaru gang, this seems to be your time as the famous Japanese automobile maker has finally revealed its very first fully electric car. Dubbed the 2022 Subaru Solterra, the SUV is powered by an electric vehicle platform developed in partnership with Toyota.

The Solterra comes in both front-wheel and all-wheel-drive options. The sports utility vehicle reveal comes as major automobile firms across the world look to shift from fuel-powered vehicles. It is also clear that the demand for electric vehicles has been growing over the years all over the globe. Fellow Japanese brand Toyota followed suit by unveiling its own EV, the bZ4X.

The front-wheel-drive Subaru Solterra’s battery has a range of 530km. The all-wheel-drive can drive for 460km on a single charge, as revealed by Subaru.

The Solterra also supports DC fast-charging up to 150kW. Although it’s not clear how long it will take to charge, many presume that it would be similar to Toyota’s iteration which takes 30 minutes to charge to 80% capacity.

A number of drivers would also be well pleased by the design that doesn’t veer far away from the traditional Subaru look. However, do not expect a fancy grill as the vehicle does not require to emit anything.

For the driving experience, the Solterra will come in with various features. This includes the company’s X-Mode AWD control system designed to enhance “the sense of security on rough roads.”

It is expected to launch next year although the starting prices for either model is not known yet.

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