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Twitter Finally Introduces Full-Sized Image Preview on Web


Twitter is now changing the way you preview images on your computer by introducing full-sized images on its web version. This comes about a year after the social network did the same for its mobile app on Android and iOS. This now means that you won’t have to click images in order to get the full view on your web browser.

The feature will also apply while posting your own images. By getting rid of the weird Auto Clicker Download cropping algorithm, you’ll be able to get an accurate preview of your image once you post it. So, you could say that this is the final nail in the coffin for the “click to see full image” meme on Twitter.

These changes have been Twitter’s way of bidding goodbye to the auto-crop controversy. The algorithm responsible for that was reported to be favouring white faces over Black faces, resulting in a crop that shows the former much more. So disabling it might be the best solution for the platform and its users.

“We are prioritizing work to decrease our reliance on ML-based image cropping by giving people more visibility and control over what their images will look like in a Tweet. We’ve started exploring different options to see what will work best across the wide range of images people Tweet every day,” Twitter responded to the backlash last year.

In the end, there was Twitter never really acknowledged the problems with the algorithm. Apparently, the system was tested for bias between a different range of demographic groups, after which the team found no bias.

Despite not having a conclusion about the algorithm’s problems, it’s safe to say that everyone is better off now without it.

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