Mercedes Unveils An Electric Van That Purifies The Air Around It

mercedes sustaineer
Image courtesy Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has been quite aggressive in its efforts towards being an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. But one of its latest concepts might just be one that shapes the future base on how sustainable it is. The German giant newly unveiled a new delivery van concept dubbed Sustaineer that is fully electric. But the EV is designed to be much more than just one that you plug into a charger.

The van features fine particulate filters on the front and underbody designed to purify the air around the van no matter the speed. Moreover, it users cast iron, ceramic-coated disc brakes that both reduce the amount of dust in the air and limit brake wear.

The Sustaineer also carries solar panels on its roof to extend the range and reduce plug-in charging, which has proven to contribute to CO2 emissions. The van can further power devices whether or not the van is running. This includes laptops and smartphones.

Other groundbreaking features include an energy-saving heating system and heavy use of recycled material. So, it is quite clear that Mercedes is going for more than just a car that does not depend on fossil fuels to run.

As for safety, the Sustaineer is equipped with a camera that monitors road conditions and shares reports of potholes and other hazards with cities. The digital mirrors on it are then designed to provide a clearer field of view than you normally get with cargo vans. A “biologically active” light keeps the driver alert by filling the cab with illumination similar to daylight while maintaining a natural rhythm.

Although it’s not clear whether the EV will be mass-produced, it would be fun to see vehicles on the road that don’t just prevent pollution but also contribute to making the environment better.

Sustainability has been a conversation starter across the world even in Kenya. And based on the current state of the environment having such vehicles would certainly help stabilise things.

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