Zoom Introduces Live Transcription Feature for all Free Users


Zoom seems to be extending more features to all users over time with a new feature now making it to free users. This is the live transcription feature that auto-generates closed captions during video calls. This is a function that was initially available for paid Zoom Meetings users only. The ability to activate love subtitles will be made possible for Zoom video calls and webinars.

This was announced by Zoom via a blog post stating that it is currently rolling the feature out. To enable it, users can access the Meetings tab in the Account Management settings. The company has also listed the steps to activate the live transcription feature.

The captions will only be available in English although Zoom plans to add support for other languages as well. This is certainly a feature that will be important for sessions that need to be recorded or interviews that need to be transcribed to documents. It could also be important for those not able to hear the speaker clearly.

This comes alongside other accessibility features designed to make the video conferencing platform easier to use. These include multi-spotlight, multi-pinning, and the ability to rearrange the gallery view.

Additionally, users will also have the option to adjust the size of the chat and the closed captions. Easier navigation with keyboard shortcuts and screen reader support has also been introduced. In addition, there are more accessibility features categorised under voicemail transcription, text formatting, dark mode, focus mode, and the ability to mute or unmute participants with their consent.

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