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Twitter Finally Rolls Out Automatic Dark Mode on Android

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If you are a Twitter user on Android, you have most probably noticed that the app has never offered automatic dark mode by now. Luckily, the social network has now changed that thanks to the launch of automatic dark mode. This might even come as a surprise for some that the feature has just launched considering how long dark mode has existed.

If you have a custom schedule for turning on your system’s light and dark modes, Twitter will now be able to follow suit and adapt to the settings. This will also work automatically if you manually switch between your system’s themes.

The “Use device settings” selection replaces the previously shown “Automatic at sunset” item. To access the feature, you will have to tap your avatar on the top-right corner and then hit the light bulb icon at the bottom. In case it hasn’t rolled out for you yet, just have some patience.

Twitter already has two dark themes: a dim mode and “lights out” for maximum energy savings on OLED screens. However, this kind of automation is a nice if overdue quality-of-life upgrade.

This comes a few days after the platform also launched a new feature that will warn users before getting into intense conversations.

Dubbed ‘prompts’, the feature is currently being tested among a select number of users. It is designed to appear below certain tweets on the platform so that users can spot them before diving into the replies. the criteria to decide which conversations qualify for the prompt mostly depends on the kind of language used. But that might change after the testing phase.

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