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Twitter Begins Rolling Out Subreddit-like Chat Spaces for Groups


Twitter is for the first time looking to start rolling out dedicated features for groups. Among those are Communities, “a more intimate space for conversations” that the company is currently testing.

This feature had been hinted at by Twitter back in February, to act as the platform’s version of a subreddit or a public-facing group on Facebook. Communities are designed for specific topics, and members can post tweets to a dedicated group timeline. Each community has its own moderators who come up with rules for the group. Users also have to be invited by an existing member or moderator to participate.


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This feature could be seen as a solution for what has been a long-running issue for the platform; that it can be really difficult for new users to find Twitter corners that speak to their interests. Twitter did try to address this with Topics, a feature that suggests tweets on your timeline based on your interests. However, Communities might just take this concept further.

Twitter has confirmed that Communities will initially begin with just a handful of groups as the feature is opened for more users “in the coming months.”

Like Reddit and Facebook, Twitter will also depend on admins and moderators to steer the day-to-day conversations and keep members in check. There are new reporting and detection features that are being worked on to help users weed out problematic groups that may pop up. This is with an aim of avoiding the plague that has infested Facebook when it comes to groups.

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