Safaricom Sets Up Digital Billboards To Stream Real-time Air Pollution Measurements

Image courtesy Safaricom

The world as we know it is in a dire situation with pollution increasing to devastating levels. And the effects are already being felt everywhere across the globe including Kenya where climate change has been quite evident over the last few years. Safaricom has now made sure to announce its plans to contribute to the fight against pollution with its latest initiative.

This was announced today as the world marks the International Day of Clear Air for blue skies. This is an event coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to raise awareness and facilitate actions to improve air quality.

Under the theme #HealthyAirHealthyPlanet, the telco has now pledged to launch a pilot air quality monitoring project within Nairobi City. This will involve the company setting up digital billboards around the city that will be streaming real-time air pollution measurements. This is in partnership with the county government, the ministry of environment and forest and IQ Air. The project is aimed at increasing air quality awareness among the city’s inhabitants.

“Air pollution is a global problem, which impacts human health, planetary health and climate change. The society needs clean air for all, regardless of geography or socioeconomic status,” states Safaricom.

The data will be streamed to digital billboards at 4 critical locations in the city including Moi Avenue, University Way, Mbagathi Way and JKIA.

“The real-time visibility of the impact of air pollution on mankind, combined with the outreach and support that the UNEP offers, can help governments & communities around the world take actions that lead to cleaner and healthier air.”

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